Barong Dance and Batur Volcano Tours

The tour begins to see the Barong and Keris Dance at Batubulan Village, the performance start at 9.30 am and finish at 10.30 am. The Barong performance represents an eternal fight between good and evil spirit. A Barong (a mythological animal) represents good spirit and Rangda (a mythological monster) represent evil one. Balinese people also believe that the Barong is a symbol of protector. There are many kind faces of Barong, but mostly Barong cat, Barong Landung, Barong Macan (tiger face) and Barong celeng (pig face) are being performed.

Second stop is the rice terraces at Tegallalang Village. The rice terraces have beautiful view with coconut trees and small river valley. Tegallalang Village is well known as the village of handicrafts whereas they produce and sell for wholesale and export. You can see a long of the road with a lot of shops. They sell variety of painted woodcarving made from a very lightwood and with colorful designed.

Third stop will be Gunung Kawi Temple; this complex temple was built in 11th century when Bali under ruled of Anak Wungsu the son of Udayana King. Gunung Kawi consists of 10 memorials temple rock cut, the rock cut has 2 groups, one group has 4 temples in western side for monuments Anak Wungsu's chief concubines and 5 groups in eastern side for monuments the King of Udanyana, his wife, Airlangga, Marakata and Anak Wungsu. One monument built a little bit far in south of the other complex; this monument was believed to be for the priest of the king.

Fourth stop is Batur Mount Volcano; this place is located in Kintamani District - Bangli Regency.  The best area to view the Mount Batur and Lake Batur is Panelokan Village. Mount Batur has experienced eruption for several times already amd the biggest eruption was in 1926. It destroyed the Batur Village and surrounding. The black lava was the eruption in 1974. It is currently still active. There are many restaurants available surround the crater and available for lunch for visitors. This tour is the most famous trip for tourists who visit the island.

The fifth stop is Pengelipuran Village, this is a traditional village located in Kubu district - Bangli Regency. It's about 4 kilometers north from the city of Bangli. This village is maintained by Bangli Government. The unique thing, which makes the village distinctive from the villages from other areas, is the main gate of the house is built in same style and the roof made from Bamboo. For visitors who visit this village is allowed to enter the family compound inside. The people can see the kitchen and the family temple. In the back yard they grow coffee, bamboo plantation.

The final stop is Kehen Temple.  This temple is located about 10 minutes drive from traditional Pengelipuran Village or 10 minutes drive to the north from Bangli town. The temple was built in the hillside of Bangli Hill. The temple was believed to be the second biggest temple in Bali.


  • 2 – 4 pax : USD 65 /pax
  • 5 – 8 pax : USD 55/pax
  • 9 pax - UP : USD 45/px


  • Include: Entrance fee/donation, English speaking guide, Air-conditioned car + driver
  • Optional: Lunch: USD 10-15/pax, Dinner : USD 15 – 30/pax
  • Nusa Dua & Turtle island is not include boat fee to the island.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rate is net; in US dollar and per person
  • Group booking (13 above) will be quoted on ad-hoc basis
  • Tour will be as per program, unless there are few factors such as bad weather or time, which not permitted for tour to continue. In this case no refund can be allowed. Therefore it is important to follow the tour guide instruction in time constraint to visit each places of interest.